How to choose cheese?

NO. 1 Pasteurised or Raw Milk

If you have guests and you are going to make a cheese board, you should consider if all cheese are going to be pasteurised or you will have some Raw Milk options. This is an important to know since not all persons can or want to eat Raw Milk cheeses. For example, pregnant women may choose to avoid Raw Milk.

If you are not sure if a cheese is made with raw milk just ask your cheesemonger when buying the cheese. If you are buying in the supermarket you will find the information in the label.

Some specialists consider that if a raw milk cheese has been aged for more than 9 months, then it is safe for all population.

🧀 When ordering your Anduma Cheese board, if you want to opt out of Raw Milk cheese just leave as a comment when placing your order 🧀
NO. 2 Rennet
Rennet is a super important part of the cheese process. Rennet is an enzyme that helps to form the curds. Cheese makers can use animal or vegetarian rennet. While the first one is made with animals' parts, the second is made with vegetables like mushrooms. There is no risk of eating animal rennet but if your guest is vegetarian you may go for a cheese produced with vegetarian rennet.
🧀 Our Visone boxes and platters only have cheeses with vegetarian rennet 🧀
NO. 3 Soft, Hard & Blue
When defining what cheeses to include in your board, it is recommended that you pick one soft cheese, one hard and one blue.

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