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About Us

We are Mati and Sole. We moved from Argentina to Ireland in 2019 looking for new horizons. We love cheese and wine, not only for how complex and delicious they are but mostly because of what they represent: sharing, chatting, laughing and community.
What does anduma mean? 
As many Argentinians, we both have Italian ancestors. Carlos was Sole’s grandfather and he used to randomly say words in Piedmontese, the dialect of the region of Italy he came from. One of the words that he used to say was ‘anduma’ which means ‘andiamo’ in Italian - or ‘let’s go’ in English. This word is full of meaning to us; it represents adventures, new projects, take on challenges, meet new people. 
Our style is honest and joyful. We serve cheese plates inspired by our traditions and values while promoting local and artisanal products. 
We hope to see you soon!