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Mini Provoleta
Mini Provoleta

Mini Provoleta

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🇦🇷 🇮🇹 Provoleta is an Argentinian cheese made of Provolone Cheese (originally from North of Italy).

Our 'mini' Provoletas are made 100% of Provolone Cheese D.O.P. Each one weights 100gr (approximately) and the measures are (7cm*3cm). 

There are several options to eat it. Usually in Argentina it is a starter for a barbecue🍖. But you can eat it with any kind of meal. It is a great option to add to your burger🍔.

How to cook it? 

Super easy, place the Provoleta in a baking recipient. Pre-heat the oven at 180º and bake for 15 min. Place in plate and add your favourites spices. Our recommendation is Paprika and Parsley but you can add whatever you like.  

Baking recipient NOT included.